Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update: Initial Autopsy & Police Reports For Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

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So the initial autopsy and police have been released. MTV is reporting that foul play does not appear to be a factor and that the initial autopsy reports have been declared inconclusive. A more thorough autopsy is being conducted but could take a few weeks before the results are known. 

Since the news broke of the death, fans have taken to the internet to memorialize the drummer. Many remembering the way he played with such passion and vigor, the way he inspired them to pick up their own sticks and give it a go. Industry friends have also shared their memories through Twitter. Popular groups like My Chemical Romance, Buckcherry, God Forbid, Shadows Fall and Papa Roach have all taken the time to reflect on the drummer's passing and send their regards to his family, friends, and the band. 

If one thing is certain, fans and friends alike will never forget Jimmy. In his (fairly) short career, he was able to breathe life into the art of drumming. Watching him play, it was easy to see that he ranked up there with the best of the generation. He played with flair, with ease. It was just pure passion. Its sad to know he's gone at such a young age, especially from "natural causes" as they seem to expect. Is it just me or does it seem COMPLETELY UNNATURAL to die that young? Its really sobering. He was discovered dead in his Huntington Beach home Monday, December 28. Jimmy Sullivan is survived by his wife, and will forever be remembered by his fans and friends for his talent and his good nature. Rest In Peace Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. We'll never forget you.

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