Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exam Dance Break Day 7

Hey Everyone!
So its a week into study period pretty much. So far so good, I'm holding out and I hope you all are too. Tomorrow kick starts my days at the library... I get to cram for a physics final... oh the joys of a university that demands diversity in class choices ahaha. Anyways, today I think I'm gonna go with a little All Time Low. This is a song called Weightless that I absolutely love. Its super catchy, chill and the video is pretty funny. A good combination. I saw them play this live back in May when they toured with Cobra Starship, Hey Monday and Fall Out Boy on the Believers Never Die Tour. Having never seen them play before, this is the song I walked away singing. They may be young and poppy, but they know how the business works and they know their way around a stage, instruments included. They are great at getting the crowd pumped up, so I have to give them credit. There's nothing particularly striking about the music itself... its fairly generic pop punk with a few well spoken lines and memorable riffs, but its nothing you haven't heard before for the genre. The real difference with these guys is the live performance. Its definitely something you'll be able to recall because they make you feel like you are as much a part of the performance as they are. So here we go, All Time Low's Weightless. Wicked song, some pretty sick cameos and something to hum along to in the library for the next few hours!

Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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