Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exam Dance Break Day 17

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I can hardly believe there are still 2 days left of exams... you poor souls who are still writing (aka my roommate). Thats so brutal that they stretch this so far into the holidays. Not fair. I wonder... when will you all do your shopping? I could hardly get anything done with that looming pressure of unfinished exams. 

Today I was baking cupcakes and dancing around my kitchen, as I like to do when I'm bored. Shuffle (once again, amazing Ipod feature 9/10 times... awkward 1/10 times :P) brought this song up and I had a lovely sing along session in the kitchen. With that in mind, I think its perfect for the exam dance break! So weldon, you giant concrete block you, its time to get up and dance. Ladies, this one is for you!

Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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