Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Mix Tape: My Recommendations For The Holiday Season

Hey Everyone!
To quote my favorite Christmas movie... "The sights! The sounds! They're everywhere and all around" Thats right folks, with the snowfall last night, its pretty obvious that christmas is just around the corner. I love Christmas... mainly because it means I get two weeks or more off of class. But ALSO because I get to indulge my inner child with things like cartoon movies & hot chocolate (marshmallows included of course!), snowball fights and tobogganing. So as much as the LTC strike makes getting to and from school cold and frustrating, there is always a silver lining. However, the best part of Christmas? CHRISTMAS MUSIC. But no offense, I work at a seniors restaurant and if I hear Celine Dion belt out one more traditional carol, I'm gonna lose it. No, Christmas playlists require some research so that 25 days of it wont make you want to lose your Christmas cheer!

Ever since I was a kid, my mom has had a rule... December 1st - 25th, only Christmas music may be played in the house/car/etc. Thats a lot of Christmas carols. It was also a strategic move on her behalf, thinking she could escape the rock music I subjected to her over the years. So I got creative... I found some traditional carols by more alternative artists. Needless to say, Christmas has never quite been the same for my mom. Here are some of the tracks that I recommend to accompany your holiday festivities this year... some happy, some sad, some... loud? haha enjoy!

Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World (This version is a remix, only one I could get on youtube, sorry!)
Making Christmas by Rise Against (Cover from Nightmare Before Christmas)

So those are a handful of my Christmas favs. How about you, any recommendations? I tried to avoid a lot of my friend Jess' choices on her blog Bigger Than Sound, so if there are some you think I should have caught, you may find them there. Anyways, hope you enjoy creating your holiday playlist, and I hope your holidays are off to a lovely start :)

Merry december! Let the countdown begin!
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! love the ideas! definitely going to dl some of those!

  2. this is pretty much my list = )

    buuuut you could add 'have yourself a merry little christmas' by bright eyes if you were so inclined n_n

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  4. if there was a like button, i would like this

  5. Thanks for all the comments!
    Kristen, would love to but its on Jess' list and I tried to avoid duplicating it as much as possible haha