Thursday, December 17, 2009

Exam Dance Break Day 14

Hey Everyone!
I know its only 1am... but I'm wide awake and I figured since I have work in the morning (yeah, I finish exams and go right  back to work, how lucky am I? haha) that I should do this now before I forget or lose my motivation. I came home today and I finally have music videos again, its a fantastic thing. Never realize how much you miss something until its gone, and thats totally the case with me and MuchLoud/PunchMuch. I used to watch MuchMusic but I find that their programming has overtaken the video aspect and I'm never home when they have a video flow going.

 So I invest my time in rock/pop videos this way, but the current cable package I am sharing with my roommates does not enable me this privilege. As a result, its my own responsibility to keep up with music, which can be difficult when you're stuck with endless piles of academic research to do. However, I came across this song a while ago and was only reminded of it when I saw it on TV today. Of course, I have to post it now and share it with you. Its a song by the group 3Oh!3 called, Starstruck. It features the beautiful and talented miss Katy Perry. 

I know, I know but she "sucks" right? Wrong. Now if you've ever actually SEEN (as in seen her perform IN PERSON) Katy play, you'd have to give her credit. She has a very unique vocal style and she sings her heart out. I could do without the cutesy girly girl thing she has going (which is NOT evident in this video thankfully) but she is a great singer and filled with talent. I took my younger sisters to see her over the summer... I expected to be bored and unimpressed, but it was totally the opposite. I was floored by her voice. As for 3oh!3, I have to be honest and say I've only heard a couple of their tracks. Great songs, super catchy and always get me dancing. I like their electro-pop style, they do a great job as two guys with the ability to make ridiculously catchy songs with clever lyrics. Anyways, here's the song. Warning, you will be stuck singing this for a while! But thats ok... after all, the point of the exam dance break is to sing and dance for a few minutes every day to relieve the serious stress of exams! So enjoy!

Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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