Friday, December 11, 2009

Exam Dance Break Day 8

Hey Everyone!
So I'm writing to you this morning from the uncomfortable plastic furniture in Western's Taylor Library. Basically, I have a physics exam on sunday afternoon so I'm stuck here with a 2hr loan course text that I will have to keep taking out until they tell me to give it up. I've been here about 2hrs now... book is due back at 11:11 and I have about 2 pages of notes to show for it. I'm thinking this could be an absolute disaster... can anyone say all-nighter? ME! OH ME, I CAN!
*raises hand and waves it frantically in the air* See, this is what happens when I get up before the sun (7 is just not a nice hour of the day when you go to bed about 4 haha). Anyways, I'll give up the sarcastic and strange banter now and move on to something a little more typical, MUSIC! So in case any of you forgot, today is the day that Jack's Mannequin tickets go on sale for the 2/26/2010 Toronto date. I know I have my order in, and I really think you should too! In honor of my excitement, lets go with an old, relatable Something Corporate classic that is sure to have you laughing off old memories and belting it out in the library... stop by Taylor, we can make it a duet! So here we go... I Kissed A Drunk Girl by Something Corporate! ENJOY!

I do apologize for my caffeine high this morning... it was necessary to get me here in the first place haha
Back to the books! Best of luck everyone.
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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