Saturday, December 19, 2009

Exam Dance Break Day 16

Hey Everyone!
Oh my god... I can hardly believe it, but I AM DONE. Bye bye semester one, it was nice to know you! Hello break, I look forward to some R&R. And of course, lots of blogging because this has become a new form of entertainment/R&R for me :) I can hardly wait to sleep in, to do whatever I want, even to go to work and make some extra cash. Its going to be a good holiday break, I can feel it! 
I digress, I am sorry for those of you still stuck in examination period. I'm sure my little rant of joy is very much not appreciated. I know when I was taking study breaks on Facebook and I saw the "I'm DONE!" statuses, I secretly wanted to punch them haha. So thats ok, if you secretly hate me right now (or even not so secretly) I understand completely. Exams bring out the worst in everyone. So to do my part to get you through this last stretch, I'm going to give you an awesome song to sing along to. 
Today I thought I'd go with something you should all be completely familiar with. This right here, this is my karaoke jam. A few drinks, a microphone and a stage... watch me go! I just love it, its so much fun :) Its also a bar classic for those of you who frequent the local bar scene. You cant go a night in any bar without hearing this on the speakers. It turns the building into one giant singalong. Its pretty awesome. By now I'm sure you've guessed it... it's Dont Stop Believin' by Journey. Absolute classic, no one can deny that. So tune in, rock out and enjoy!

Joy To The World, Exams Are (Almost- for some of you!) DONE!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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