Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Time Low Protested By Baptist Group

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So speaking of ATL (as mentioned in my last post oddly enough), Alternative Press is reporting that the finale of their current tour was greeted by a large group of protesters. On December 6th, the buses rolled in to Philadelphia to be met by hateful messages and offensive puns. Apparently the group, Westboro Baptist Church, was protesting the  sexual ambiguity of the group. All Time Low, a band consisting of four guys in their early 20s, are often seen sporting v-neck t-shirts, tight jeans, and longer hair. The church group's website claims that they are a negative influence because they are "gender-confused, haphazard freakazoids". Signs were reported to hold messages like "All Time Perverts", "God Hates You", and "America Is Doomed". 

This is perhaps one of the saddest displays I have seen/heard of in a while. I mean, come on, its almost 2010! Cant we just learn to get along, give peace a chance? I mean, this website is so offensive that I am actually going to refuse to link to it. I don't even recommend looking it up. Personally, I am a completely heterosexual female but seriously, I don't feel the need to protest other people's beliefs, rights and choices. I read up on this group, and I am left feeling upset, angry and shocked. Apparently they are well known for protesting almost every religion, race and lifestyle, going as far as to picket at funerals and the site of the 9-11 attacks. Thats just wrong on so many levels, not to mention incredibly hateful and disrespectful. 

I have to give a lot of credit to the fans outside this show. According to some witnesses, the fans began to drown out the hate filled chants of the WBC with their own renditions of ATL songs as well as mottos like "Gay, Straight, Black, White, Same Battle, Same Fight". Frontman Alex Gaskarth took to his Twitter account as the riots raged by the bus, stating "I was just informed by picketers that I'm leading a generation of rebels to hell... no ma'am. I'm leading a generation of rebellion against the Empire!" and "If embracing all lifestyles will lead me to hell, then I'll see you all there. It's going to be one incredibly tolerant and happy inferno". Again? WELL PLAYED, ALEX! I could not have said it better myself!

The band is apparently still confused as to why they were chosen as a target, and I have to agree. I mean, they arent all that "frightening" compared to some bands out there. Marilyn Manson, that makes sense. ATL? Not so much. Why not picket your local high school, its about the same demographic as that show. In the end, the protesters were outnumbered by other groups, so they packed up and left. Not before filming this quick video.

What do you think of this story? Personally, I still cant believe all this hatred exists. Its sad, really. 

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Way to handle a difficult situation, All Time Low! Whole new level of respect for these guys!
Rock On!
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  1. WBC have been at this stuff for years, now. Even when their leader (Fred Phelps) passes on, it'll still continue with his kids. They're all quite sociopathic, really.

    However, this sort of behaviour does NOT make it right for others to hurl insults at other religious people. This is a very specific, whack-job group of people we're talking about here. Religion has nothing to do with their ignorance and hatred.

    Nice to see this band and their fans drive them away, however.

  2. Oh no, I completely understand that not all people who are heavily involved in religion are like this. Trust me, I ge that this is only a specific group with a very particular take on things. They seem to believe that it is their duty to call out people who go against their particular religious and societal views. It just really bothers me to see such acts of hatred STILL taking place over the most ridiculous things. These people werent/arent hurting anyone. Just going to check out a show and have a good time. But yes, again, I am glad to see how these guys handled it and I applaud their comments in regard to the protest. Thanks for the comment, Tim!

  3. Think about it this way: if there was no religion these "whack job" groups wouldn't even be in existence. Religion has done more harm than good in this world, it has taught more hatred and violence than any other group or cult. So, religion has everything to do with their hatred, because that is exactly where it has spawned from. You can't all of a sudden excuse them because they've done something "radical". Whether they do something public about their hatred towards gays or privately believe it as wrong, either way, those notions came specifically from religion thus it is to blame completely.

  4. Thanks for the comment! Personally, I am in no way shape or form excusing what they do based on the fact that they are radically religious. I don't see any plausible or excusable reason for people to behave in this manor. I think all Tim is saying is that we should take into account the fact that not everyone who follows a religion believes in these extreme views and protests. I know I have friends who are very involved in their religions, and yet they choose to accept everyone for their personal beliefs, lifestyles and choices regardless. I dont really want to get into a huge debate about religion (even though I definitely opened that topic by posting this blog) but I do think that religion CAN be a good thing for SOME people. Personally, I have never followed any religion, or attended church, but I respect the choice of others who do, as I would hope they respect mine. Some people find comfort in it, and there's really nothing wrong with that. I just wish that it was possible for this more open concept of religion to exist without all the hateful backlash from these extremist groups. The world would be a much more peaceful place in my opinion. Thanks again for the comment!

  5. Agreed, yet it cannot be denied that if religion was abolished completely, this world would indeed be a much more peaceful place because it is religion itself that has created some of the most popular forms of hatred; such as towards gays, women who receive abortions, people of others religions, etc. Yes there are others who follow religion and do not act like lunatics, but that does change the true teachings of religion; which is majoratively directed towards the promotion of hatred and discrimination.

  6. The teachings of religion are mainly "directed towards the promotion of hatred and discrimination"? In what way, exactly? While I can see some elements of that, to say that's its "main" goal is a little skewed. I don't think it's very fair to ignore all of the good concepts religion reflects, instead pointing out some of its "discriminatory" facets.

    Likewise, I could point out many acts of ignorance and hatred that are not connected to religion at all, and in fact, could be more aligned with atheistic views. To place religion in a light as you've done seems quite unfair, really. I have an extremely open mind to any and all views and perspectives, and I try to get other people to become the same way.

    What this is is an issue of ethical & moral shortcomings, not religious beliefs. Yes, I just said that. Yes, they have the words "Baptist" and "Church" in their name. No, this is not what religion stands for in any way, shape, or form.

    I apologize if I seem to come across quite boldly, because I'm really not trying to. Since you're probably wondering, I'm more agnostic, so I'm open, like I said, to literally any view. I'm just trying to promote equal understanding in all respects, rather than singling out a certain element and using it as a scapegoat for another's actions.

    Anywho, sorry to go off like this Jess...But yeah, your blog definitely was bound to spark a religious debate, something which I always try to avoid, because it never, ever ends up leading anywhere hahaha.

  7. Of course there are "good" concepts of religion, if you follow the religion itself. If not, you get into major philosophical issues of right and wrong. But anyway, beside the issue of right and wrong in religion, the issue arises in how religion is taught and preached. Blind ignorance of all logic and reason must be employed to view religion as right or correct, which unfortunately does not lead to anything good. Absolute denial of these two basic needs of human functioning renders people logically hindered, and almost always leads to poor judgement. Regardles of whether or not it is directly addressed, there is an inherent denial of all other religions within any given religion. The belief in any religious God implies the denial of all other religious God's. In itself, this does not necessarily objectively imply negativity toward others, but when you throw human ego into the mix, it does.

    I see you are still under the impression of one of the worst and most prevalent misconceptions around: "atheist views". There is no such thing. There is no such thing as a view, a doctrine, a set of rules, or anything even remotely close to that in regards to atheism. Atheism is the denial of a religious God, which, as we all know, is a silly and childish idea. Nothing more, nothing less.

    In regards to the Bapist Church crazy people, although they do not represent the moral views of many religious individuals, their view is simply a form of interpretation of scripture. If you write a book that is allegedly written by an all powerful, all knowing God, and then leave it to humans to intrepret, the results are generally pretty terrible. Obviously, upon its inception, this was not the intent of religion. But as with most things in society, people ruin it. Admittedly, given objective examination, religion isn't necessarily evil (just mostly evil), but again, if you throw people into it, it's going to get fucked up. No two ways about it.

    Lastly, whether or not these people represent the general views of MOST religious people, it is not in anyones right to say they are morally incorrect in what they do. If you don't know why, perhaps I'll explain it later. Regardless, there is no way to argue around the fact that religion is in all respects negative for society. If you plan on saying they interpreted it wrong and are therefore not truly following the word of God, I refer you to this:

  8. I think this church is insane. I personally am against homosexuality (due to my religious beliefs), but I think they took things way too far. They've crossed a line that they shouldn't have. They act like they know what God thinks about others. They can't go around saying "you're going to hell" or "God hates you". If they are against something, they should peacefully address it or they should just let it go. I don't like their "superiority complex". God made us all equal. If they disagree w/ homosexuality they should (again) peacefully and calmly put their point across. I think Homosexuality is wrong. If you have the choice to believe in it, we have the choice to be against it. Simple as that. Homophobia is a term to try to "shut people down". We have a right to follow our beliefs. But nowhere does it say to say or do what they are saying. Overboard is the term to be used when referring to them.

  9. so because the wbc lives in the USA, does that mean they're going to hell, too?
    one thing i majorly cant stand is intolerance. learn to love.
    ATL handled this very well--I have SOOO much respect for these guys<3