Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Green Day Record Hit Single "21 Guns" With Musical Cast

Hey Everyone!
So Green Day announced late last month that they would be recording their single 21 Guns with the cast of the successful American Idiot Musical. A lot of people are criticizing the band, saying its far from punk rock roots... but is that true? I mean, sure. Its not exactly underground, rugged and raw the way punk once was. But at the same time, its back to Kurt Cobain's definition... "Punk is musical freedom. Its saying, doing and playing what you want". They don't care that critics and fans alike are going to point fingers and say "you're not punk", they're still doing it. And you know what? The results are pretty interesting. Plus, if you've already gone the route of making your album into a musical, why not try something like this? Take a listen here, what do you think?

Rock On
- Girl At The Rock Show

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