Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exam Dance Break Day 6

Hey Everyone!
So its day 6 of my version of the USC exam jam... the last day of class, how stoked are you?! I know I'm thrilled! I have one class (which I am currently sitting in) and one presentation to do (7pm tonight) and then... FREEDOM! Sort of... I have some other stuff to do but you know, this is the big chunk. I know some of you are also done as of tonight... lucky you! Have a celebratory drink for me, alright? Anyways, in honor of the last day of term I'm going to post TWO music videos. Thats right... TWO MUSIC VIDEOS for you to rock out to! 

The first one? We Are The Champions by Queen because we have conquered yet another semester and are that much closer to graduation! YAY... I think. I have to admit I'm getting used to this lifestyle and come May, it will be hard to say goodbye to. But in the mean time, here we go... the legend, the icon... QUEEN!

The second video? Fight For Your Right To Party by The Beastie Boys because we all deserve that right after working hard for a term. All those papers, all those exams, all those hours of mind numbing lectures... its more or less over for a month so go out and fight for YOUR right to party! Plus, I have always had a little soft spot for these guys. They're quirky, they're crazy and their music is fun. So here you go, enjoy!

Thats all for now, I have a couple music news blogs in the works so stay tuned for more!
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. Freddie Mercury is the epitome of good soul dance music, and Beastie Boys are just legend. Good picks!

  2. Definitely agree with the comment, Thank You!