Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Warped Tour To Announce Dates

Hey Everyone!
For those of you, who like myself, are Warped Tour fanatics- the tour announced today via twitter that they will be announcing the dates this week. First week of December follows the typical time frame for this announcement, so it was only to be expected. But I have to say, I'm still pretty excited. I literally plan my summer around attending this, and have for the past 6 years. They have also announced on their facebook fan page that Alternative Press' Most Anticipated Releases of 2010 gives some good insight to the lineup that is beginning to form. Hmmm sounds good to me, I cant wait!

Rock On
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. I am from Barrie, home of warped tour back in the day and I must say I had a blast each year that I went. Friends of mine would hop or slip under the fences to get in free of charge while the rest of us would stand in line to take part in massive food fights. I haven't been to warped tour in years - mostly because the artist line up kind of changed from classic bands like Anti-Flag to modern bands like Mariana's Trench. I liked it better when it was in Barrie and the music was raw, but hey, that is just my opinion. I don't even know who is playing this year or where.

  2. Ah yes, the good old days in Barrie! Joan Jett, Saves The Day, The Casualties, Anti-Flag (who are still there actually!)... definitely miss that. Barrie was the best possible venue for Warped. I miss it! But the classic artists can still be found... they usually play closer to the end of the day I find. So if you feel like giving it another shot, stay later and you can catch bands like Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly who are all FANTASTIC choices to close the day with :) Thanks for the comment!