Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Shopping List For My Grandpa: Introduction

Hey Everyone!
Happy New Year... its the start of a whole new decade and a start at a whole new life. I feel like this year has a lot of promise and I'm excited to see if it proves me right. Alright, although my writing is still going to be a little sparse, I am definitely going to lean myself back into it. I miss coming here and sharing music with my blog and any readers I may have. That being said, the topic of this blog may be slightly confusing and I'm going to clarify it for you!

Over the break, I wrote a few emails back and forth to my Grandfather. He said that he reads my blog and it allowed him to see and understand my passion for music although he has never had much of a passion for it himself. As a joke, he added "maybe its not too late for me yet" and I took this as a bit of a challenge being waved in front of me... could I find music that my Grandpa would perhaps enjoy? He gave me that challenge and asked me to come up with 3 CDs I recommend for him. 

Image: My artist rendition of my Grandpa listening to his new cds... created using SP Character Generator HERE

I thought this would be kind of a cool project to share... I'm curious to see if I can find music for another person with not much to go on. I mean, I'd like to think I know my Grandpa really well, but sometimes music can extend beyond typical associations we have of a person. Its a very tricky and personal thing, not easy to do if you dont have pretense as to what this person already listens to. In my world, music is my air. For my grandpa, its the background noise in his life. As such, its kind of challenging to get the attention directed towards the music. 

For this project, I'm going to pick music I like that I think my Grandpa MAY like. I cant be sure, but I figure its worth a shot and could be almost, a way for my Grandpa and I to understand each other :) So if this interests you, check back on Monday January 4th for my list! 3 albums by 3 different artists, I'm going to highlight specific songs that I think he should listen to as well as describe why I made each selection!

This is exciting, time to go narrow down my list!
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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