Monday, January 4, 2010

A Shopping List For My Grandpa: The Albums

Hey Everyone!
Ok so, yesterday I posted a blog about my little experiment/deal with my Grandfather. To reiterate, I'm going to suggest three albums that I like and think he may like. He's going to go out and purchase these three albums and listen to them. Hopefully, he will then tell me what he thinks and I will be sure to share his thoughts with you! So here we go, here are my three choices!

1) North by Something Corporate

"If you're missing I will run away, Cause I find myself in you."

From the first breath of Andrew's soft voice to the last guitar chord fading out, this album is absolutely stunning. Seriously, I cant even put it into words. There is so much talent, passion and brilliance wrapped up into this 12 track album. You cant help but really feel involved with this album... the emotion becomes personal, it transcends the airwaves into your room in a very real way. You feel the album as you listen. Each track takes Something Corporate's signature piano pop/punk blend and mixes it with a variety of heavy emotion and poetic lyrics and lullaby-esque vocals. On this CD I highly recommend the tracks: Down, Me & The Moon, Ruthless, I Wont Make You

2) Letters by Butch Walker
"I cant live if you're not happy, I cant live if you cry... but I can live without you if it makes you smile"

One of my favorite albums ever I think... its that good. Most of it is really simple soft rock, but its beautiful in its simplicity... a little deceiving as well. Butch has this ability to make music sound easy. There is a flow to his records that suggests an ease... but that comes with a lot of hard work. Its the result of a long and difficult career. He is such a talented musician in every sense of the way and this album is a perfect representation of that. He writes the most stunning love songs I've ever heard. Seriously, if a guy wrote this for me, I'd be in love haha. Its like a walk through the duration a relationship... you feel and hear it as it happens. There's love, there's lust, there's loneliness... its the whole range. His voice is flawless- the way he is able to express passion in every note... its like he's singing your life back to you in the most beautiful way possible. Its mature rock... can I call it that? It hits you on a level that a lot of music just cant even reach. For that reason and SO MANY more... I think everyone should own this amazing album.

3) Pretty Odd by Panic At The Disco

"If all our life was but a dream, Fantastic posing greed, Then we should feed our jewelry to the sea. For diamonds do appear to be, Just like broken glass to me."

I know, I know... its NOT A Fever You Cant Sweat Out. That was a brilliant piece for what it was... but I find that this album is always passed off as "not that album" or "not Panic". Granted it sounds absolutely nothing like their first work, but I mean, cut them some slack, they were 16 when they started that recording process. People grow up! Its not all bad, especially if it results in albums like this gem. I really love it... its creative, its fun, its different. Brendon Urie's vocals on this album... just wow. Gorgeous and so pure. The overall sound? Very reminiscent of The Beatles. This album is just all over the board... you can hear influences of all kinds in the first 15mins of putting it on. There is 50s crooning, there is a heavy classic rock influence, there are even bits and pieces of country weaved in. This fabric is intricate and there to be appreciated by those who are willing to listen without a preconceived bias. 

BONUS> if by chance you cannot find one of my other choices, then my alternative selection is 

Almost Here by The Academy Is...
"Always up or down, Never down and out. Dream of demons while you sleep, That make you stutter while you speak."

Again, one of my all time favorite albums. I've never forgotten the first time I heard this play... I was on the computer looking for some new music and the second I heard one simple song, I was hooked. Never looked back. William Beckett's eerily perfect vocals combined with the band's signature  brand of light hearted pop punk is a recipe that demands success. This album cannot be ignored, its a work of art. 

So Grandpa, now it is your move! You have my suggestions, and when you listen and tell me in all honesty what you think, we'll have a conclusion :) ... I also have to say, you will probably look like the coolest Grandpa ever (which you are, obviously!) to the people in the store!

Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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