Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Look At New Blink-182 Documentary

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday but I have been stuck changing around my course schedule for the term and it has been a little chaotic. I had no idea that you could be taking too many courses in your own faculty, but apparently I was! So I had to find some other faculties to take me in for a class and even it all out. Found a Sociology class that seems to be interesting enough so now I can kind of rest easy with my classes, thank goodness! Anyways, enough about that, onto the topic at hand: Blink-182.

Lately, the recording trailers for Blink's new "Blinkumentary" have been circulating the net. Early on in their summer tour, the band was asking fans to send in their concert footage to be "part of Blink-182" history. The film will capture the preparation that led up to the massive 52 date summer reunion tour including studio work, press meetings and rehearsals as well as footage from actual tour dates. The film is being put together by Haven Lamoureux, a long time friend and videographer for the group's side projects like +44 and Travis' remix work. Check out the previews here... there are a few other clips on this youtube profile (production company's page Hndsmrndsm)

Will you be checking this out? I know I will be!
Urethra Chronicles & Riding In Vans were fantastic, I dont expect anything less :)
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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