Friday, January 8, 2010

Cobra Starship Performs At The People's Choice Awards

Hey Everyone!
Check out Cobra Starship's performance at the 2010 People's Choice Awards here. They performed Hot Mess and of course the smash hit, Good Girls Go Bad. Missing from the performance was Leighton Meester. Instead, the band had Nicole S. of Pussycat Doll fame fill in the female vocals. She wasnt awful, but I think I would have just preferred to see Vicky T take over as they do on tour. She's pretty good, if you cant have Leighton, she's the next best thing. Nicole just sounds like she's forcing it, screaming into the mic almost... its not natural and soft the way Leighton sings it. Her voice, I find, also does not blend with Gabe's very well. Its not the same harmony dynamics that the recording carries. I dont know... thats how I feel haha.

What do you think of the performance?
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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