Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Silverstein Anniversary Shows

Hey Everyone!
For all you Canadian music fans out there, this may interest you! Burlington Ontario natives, Silverstein, will be playing each of their albums from start to finish in a 4 concert series in Toronto. The concerts will be in honor of their 10th anniversary as a band. The shows will take place March 18-21st at the El Mocambo. Tickets can be purchased for the shows through Ticketmaster and Ticket Web. For the afforable price of $15 + service fees, you can be a part of the celebration!

March 20: Arrivals & Departures (2007)
March 21: A Shipwreck In The Sand (2009)

Will you be attending one of these shows? I might, it would give my inner High School kid a good thrill haha I used to see these guys play at little rock clubs downtown all the time!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: Discovering The Waterfront by Silverstein... this was once one of my favorites and every time I hear it, it still strikes those same chords in me. Its timeless and very relatable for a lot of people. Everyone has been through a breakup or two and felt something like this. Enjoy!


  1. Even though Discovering The Waterfront brings back a lot of awful memories, it's one of my favourite songs.

  2. I think its a great song for sure... I think if I were to invest in these shows, it would be that album or When Broken Is Easily Fixed (which has a lot of tough memories involved for me). I like that music can evoke emotion, be it good or bad. It just goes to show how powerful it is. Thanks for the comment!