Monday, January 25, 2010

No New Blink-182 Music Until 2011? Delonge Hints!

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So as any devoted Blink fan like myself knows, the band recently came off what was said to be a permanent break up and brought us the tour of the summer. Headlining cities around the US and Canada, the band have proven they are back with a vengeance. They have also confirmed that they are in fact working on a new studio album that will pick up where they left off nearly 5 years ago with their untitled release. Great news for fans around the world for sure. But fans who were expecting a speedy 2010 release date may be disappointed. In a recent interview, vocalist/guitarist Tom Delonge hinted that the new album will not see shelves this year.

The band is already in studio, writing and testing out some new material, but it appears the boys are in no rush to get it done. As they are still mending a friendship, it is possible that the chemistry in studio is also undergoing some repair. This is purely my speculation, but think about it... makes sense huh? I mean, on one hand you have Tom working on A&A, producing very "epic" for lack of better wording, songs. They have a lot of skill, a bigger message than some of the blink material their fans are accustomed to. Not to say that I think its better in any way. Just calling it as I see it, he has tried very hard to grow up and move away from the satan jokes and songs about drinking and sex. Maybe its hard for him to readapt to some of these classic blink associations? Mind you their last album definitely showed this same transition.

On the other hand, you have Travis who has been lending his drum talents to hip hop/remixing genres. Something pretty different from the pop punk that Blink is known for. Mark has been very active in the studios, producing up and comers. With all these different factors and influences, I think we can expect a longer writing process with some quite possibly brilliant results. Could this new side of Blink prove to be a new favourite? Who knows. The classics will always be just that- classics. But I am a big fan of transcending genres when its done right. And who better to do it well than three trained professionals?

Are you excited about the new blink album? How do you feel about waiting another year?
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