Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flea To Release Line Of Affordable Guitars

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After discovering that his students were stuck playing poor quality instruments due to prices and the state of the economy, Flea of (Red Hot Chili Pepper fame), has decided to produce a line of affordable, quality bass guitars. In order to make this idea a reality, Guitar World is reporting that he will be using his own brand "Fleabass", which he began earlier this year.

I like this idea... so many signature models come with hefty price tags. As much as students desire the high quality, its often well beyond the instrument budgets of general society. I have to say though, after checking out how "affordable" the instruments are, I am not all that sure. Afforable is such a broad term. I find myself asking "affordable for who?" I mean, I certainly dont have $500 floating around to spend on an instrument. Two out of my three guitars were
purchased in pawn shops (great place to look for classic, working models!)

Flea is a highly respected musician, so I cant see him taking this lightly. I also have to admit, the guitar design itself seems pretty cool... love the bright, bold, contrast colors. Definitely eye catching and fun! His mission statement makes a good claim about the guitars as well, stating that they are built for quality, durability and the highest standards possible within the price range. He does not wish to mass produce a line of cheap guitars, but provide serious students with a line they can "fall in love with". Good luck!

Would you buy Flea's bass? If so, what color? Just curious haha I like the Punk Bass... but I think I'd rather save up for the Mike Dirnt or Mark Hoppus Fender models for an extra $500/ea... oh how I wait for the days I have a real job and can afford these musical luxuries ahaha
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