Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sam Tsui: This Guy Is AMAZING!

Hey Everyone!
I came across this a while ago while doing research for a school project about internet celebrities. I didnt know much about him until now, and I didnt use him for my project... but he is absolutely phenomenal. His name is Sam Tsui, and he is definitely the next big thing. He's got a great ear for harmony and musicianship. Its actually quite impressive. I'm still floored when I hear his voice... its gorgeous! Definitely thinking this guy would be a massive success on Broadway. Just picture it... people would be lined down the block to hear him sing! Check out this cover of Glee's version of Journey's "Dont Stop Believin'" and his Lady Gaga Medley which helped get his name in the search engines to begin with!

Dont Stop Believin'

Lady Gaga Medley

He's got a bunch of other covers and medleys on his producer/musicians youtube account HERE
What do you think? I'm STILL floored
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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