Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Limited Pressing Auction Off Vinyl Test Pressings For Haiti Relief

Hey Everyone!

In light of the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti last week, many bands, artists and organizations are taking to their fan bases to raise some much needed money for to send aid to the country. One of many doing so is limited pressing, a site which offers auctions for limited edition vinyls. Among their typical postings, there is now a section (marked in pink) of impressive first pressing vinyls for which most or all proceeds (depending on the album) will go to organizations like Doctors Without Borders and other efforts in the disaster stricken republic. There are some fantastic albums up for grabs on this site, with some serious potential for any collectors out there. I will definitely be keeping my eyes on this site, watching some of the albums I would love to add to my personal catalog. Have to say, I'm mildly amused by the way one Mr.Pete Wentz has hiked up the selling costs of Fall Out Boys albums rather successfully. At first he indicated on his Twitter that he wished only to own them himself, but he later stated that if he indeed won the auctions, he would have the band sign them and re-auction them. He also claims that if someone manages to outbid him by a cent, the album(s) will be signed before shipment if you'd like. So theres some incentive. Just think, you could have an FOB autograph collection on a limited first test pressing vinyl... honestly, like them or not it would be worth a small fortune in the future. So check out the auctions here and see if something catches your eye. Yet another cool way to do something good for humanity. Help out Haiti, there are lives at stake here. We hold the power to help these people, lets do it!

How have you shown support for Haiti? Let me know!
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