Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Screeching Weasel Announce Toronto Tour Date

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American punk band, Screeching Weasel announced earlier this week that they will be playing in Toronto, Ontario in May. This is big news for Canadian fans, as the tour dates tend to be few and far between, especially on this side of the border. The Chicago natives formed back in 1986, drawing inspiration from the heavy early punk scene of the time. They gained more notoriety in the early 90s after they signed with the punk label, Lookout! Records (responsible for signing bands like Operation Ivy and a young Green Day). In fact, former members of the band include Mike Dirnt (Green Day bassist) and Phillip Hill (Teen Idols).

With a classic repertoire that has withheld the tests of time, this band is not easy to forget. Punk fans should be excited to see them back in action. Mind you, reunion tours do appear to be a recent specialty of the group which tends to take away from the appeal, sadly. Not putting them down, I'm happy to see this tour date and I am actually thinking about heading down to Toronto to check it out. Its not often that punk legends of the prime come here anymore.

So what do you think of the tour date? Do you plan to hit up this show? Why or why not?
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Song of the Day: Punk Rawk Show by Mxpx... "We ain't got no place to go, Lets go to the punk rawk show, Come and take me by the hand, Gonna see a punk rawk band"... and yes, they actually DO spell it "rawk" haha that is not some awful typo or ridiculous spelling mistake... please keep in mind this is a rock blog, I should be incredibly familiar with that word by now ahaha.

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