Monday, February 1, 2010

21 Guns Re-Released With Cast Of New York Musical

Hey Everyone!
So not long after their performance (which was great ps.) at the Grammy Awards last night, Green Day officially released their new video for 21 Guns featuring the cast of their New York bound broadway musical. The video is very simple, it just shows the recording process in a kind of raw, fun way. You see the band interacting with the cast as they all watch this dream come to life. Its pretty cool. I love the way the guys watch the cast sing and you can just see it in their eyes... its like, "yeah, this is it, this is exactly how we imagined it".

Its also kind of interesting the way this song takes on a new life. On one hand, you have a softer side of Green Day. A rock ballad. And on the other hand, you have this musical epic. The cast brings a whole new dimension to the song... I dont care if its "punk" or not to make your music into a musical, when it works it works. Thats really all there is to it haha. And this? DEFINITELY works.

There is so much emotion in this short little ballad. The way the band comes in with them, its phenomenal. You can tell that this isnt about making a quick buck, the guys put a lot of thought into this production. The interactions with the cast make that pretty evident- they're friends. So for everyone who saw this as a move to make a big profit, I have to disagree. They are already loaded... 20+ years in the music industry, and 16 years of hits will do that for you. Not to mention, they started it in a little Berkely theatre... not in some huge NY production. It just did well so Broadway made sense.

New Video: HERE
And otherwise, here's the Grammy performance! Beautiful. Seriously, I am oddly overwhelmed by this version of the song with the cast... its just a stunning arrangement.

Personally, I will be buying tickets for New York once I figure out my exam schedule. Who wants to come with?
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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