Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammys 2010: Butch Walker Steals The Show! (at least I thought so haha)

Hey Everyone!
So the other night I was watching the Grammys as I do every year... dont ask why because honestly, I dont even know why I do it haha. Anyways, Taylor Swift performed so I un-muted the TV to get a listen so I could have some valid commentary... and I'm glad I did. Despite not being the worlds best vocalist (and she knows this- but she IS a fantastic writer and musician so kudos to her!) she put on a great show. Her medley was well done, and it involved a couple key players. For one, the absolutely stunning and super talented Stevie Nicks (oh yeah- it happened) and the equally brilliant... BUTCH WALKER?! How many of you noticed him up there? Be honest!

My roommate will vouch for me, he caught my eye immediately but I couldnt put my finger on why. I was taken with this guy, he was just SO into his performance... with a banjolin of all things! That takes guts and non-chalence if you ask me haha. Not anyone can pull that off. Anyways, he was generally in the back of the frame everytime but there was just something that had my attention. And suddenly, when HIS version of You Belong With Me began to play, and the light shone enough to make those tattoos stand out against his skin, I had a eureka! moment.... no word of a lie, I actually let out a "OH MY GOD- BUTCH WALKER. THATS WHO THAT IS, I KNEW HE WAS FAMILIAR!" which made my roommate snap out of her Farmville trance and try to figure out what I was going on about haha.

Anyways, if you missed it, check it out below and keep your eyes peeled for that eccentric banjolin player on your left haha. As much as Stevie and Taylor are great, Butch is the underrated genius here. Lets give him some attention. If you dont wanna watch the whole thing, it starts around the 3:57 mark. Enjoy!

What do you think? Good performance in my opinion, but he just steals it from no where!
No one can rock the banjolin like Butch haha
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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