Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Is Why I Have To Say Muse Is Absolutely Amazing

Hey Everyone!
So the other night I was hanging out with some friends, just talking about some cool performances we had seen (sparked by the Who's Super Bowl halftime show- WICKED STAGING & LIGHTS!) and I was reminded by my friend Andrew of this video I had seen a while ago. I decided I had to post it here for anyone who has not had the pleasure of seeing it... its PRICELESS!

Although some of you may only be familiar with these guys via Guitar Hero favorite "Knights of Cydonia", British rock kings Muse have released some absolutely amazing music over the course of their career. Steadily, they have been expanding their fan base and selling out arenas world wide- and do they ever deserve it! But thats not where this story gets interesting...

Sadly, pre recorded tracks are sometimes necessary for live performances. Its not always about the lack of talent or covering up missed notes- it can sometimes be a requirement from production teams to ensure the quality of a broadcast. And I'm gonna go ahead and assume thats why Italian TV Talk Show "Quelli Che Calcio" asked Muse to pre-record their track Uprising when they performed it on air... THIS is where the fun starts.

Apparently vocalist Matt Bellamy was far from impressed by this. He was so repulsed by the concept of lip syncing on TV and in front of an audience that he decided to have some fun with it. Fun that only fans of the guys would understand! During their performance, they all decided to SWITCH INSTRUMENTS! Matt gave up his mic and guitar combo for a very "george of the jungle" style drum career, drummer Dominic Howard took a stab at bass and vocals, while bassist Christopher Wolstenholme played a flawless mix of keyboard and lead guitar. Not only did they pull this off rather well... but it went right over the head of the host! She had NO IDEA that they had carried out this switch, which only led to hilarity in the interview process when she interviewed, who she assumed, was Matt Bellamy- the vocalist! Its just priceless.

I love that even in a miserable and degrading situation, these guys manage to have the last laugh! When you consider yourselves a serious group, the last thing you want is to lip sync on stage. When forced to, this is definitely the most innovative and brilliant way to do it that I've ever seen! Check out the performance & interview below- its too amazing.

So love them or hate them, this is the best career move I've seen in a while!
What do you think of their little switcharoo? I love it!
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. Hi.....
    I'm a big fans of Muse from Indonesia. I watched this video about 2 months ago.I had watched this video several times and it always makes me laugh. Muse is so amazing.

  2. Hi!
    Wow, Indonesia, thats crazy thanks so much for the comment! Yeah as I mentioned, I saw this a while ago but was only recently reminded of how priceless/funny it is so I had to post it. Thanks again for the comment, Muse is amazing!