Saturday, February 6, 2010

Once Again, My Apologies!

Hey Everyone!
I come to you today from the confines of my study prison- the university community centre. Food, tables, quiet conversation and the ability to answer my phone make this place far more ideal than the library. I dont know about you, but being in a little cubby where you can hear a pin drop makes me feel very trapped... not helpful when studying. I have a midterm on monday afternoon... there are 141 pages of reading for  the course thus far in ONE book, and 4 chapters in a second. For those 141 pages, there are 2 pages on each (its a photocopied book with 2 pages copied on each 8.5x11) so I technically have TWICE the amount of reading to do. I'm on what claims to be page 34, but in all reality, is in fact page 68 which makes me feel a little better about the way I spent the last 4hours and some odd minutes of my life.

Following this reading, I have an essay due on tuesday, a writing assignment due for thursday's workshop, and a major project in my Serial Killers class due the day back from reading week. All I can say is that this week is pretty much going to have me running around like a chicken with my head cut off... but at the same time, I'll be just that much happier to be on break! 

This all being said, thats why my posts have been (and sadly will continue to be) somewhat scattered and scarce. School takes priority, I just need to buckle down and get some of this stuff done and off my plate before I can do what I actually enjoy- write for you! So hopefully you will stick by me as I try to keep posting. Just know there is a chance it wont be daily, the way I'd like. Just thought I'd let you know!

Thanks for sticking with me, promise this is only temporary!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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