Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kill The Messenger

Hey Everyone!
So I'm not gonna make this a big long post, just wanted to share this video with you because I'm pretty certain that I have goosebumps every time I see it. To set this up, I'll say that I am off to Toronto Friday to see the breath takingly talented Andrew McMahon (Jacks Mannequin/Something Corporate) play at the Sound Academy. I missed out on their last headlining tour because they cancelled it to join The Fray on tour so I am well overdue for this show! Cant wait to sing my lungs out, its been too long. In honor of this upcoming event, I've been listening to a LOT of J.M music, and this one has always been a personal favorite of mine... specifically this version that I stumbled across on Youtube. Soooo beautiful. The track is called Kill The Messenger and it can be found on their first album, Everything In Transit. Check it out below!

Was that not amazing?! I'm sorry, I just LOVE piano ballads!
Will I be seeing any of you there? I certainly hope so :)
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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