Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Angels And Airwaves "LOVE" Available Now Online!

Hey Everyone!
Amidst the news of new Blink-182 music, many people may be unaware that Tom's other band AVA had finished recording their new album, LOVE. As much as I'm not a massive fan, I have downloaded the album and must admit that I like what I've heard so far!

For those of you who dont know the story, pretty much Tom & the band funded this entire album from their own pockets. Apparently they wanted to be able to release it online as a free download, but they were unable to reach an agreement with the label. As a result, they paid for the studio and production time on their own dime and did things their own way. I think thats pretty commendable. Clearly the music was more important than the profit. If any of you are aware of studio pricing- time is NOT cheap. Last I heard it was about $500,000 for the album... thats money I will probably never see in my lifetime haha.

Tom has stated in interviews that he is hoping that this will serve as a way to brand the band itself. He's hoping that this move will encourage fans to pay back the costs through donations and pay-per-viewing/listening features on their Modlife platform. He is also hoping that the move will increase their fan base ten fold, and that the profit from the new content being released will be able to cover the film the band has been discussing.

This is an interesting concept and I'm curious to see how it will play out... on one end, you have the possibility that fans will eagerly buy into this and the costs will be redeemed. Or you could end up with a Radiohead move... where even though the album was highly circulated, they barely saw a sale... 1/3 of downloaders payed nothing, and the overall average was 4 pounds (about 8 dollars). So again, this is kind of gutsy and comes with a lot of risks, but I hope it works out for them!

You can download the album here for free or donation: LOVE

What do you think of the new tracks from Angels and Airwaves?
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