Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Kick Off Show

Hey Everyone!
I, like many other people, tuned in to the 44th NFL Superbowl last night. While I may have spent most of it doing readings for today's exam, I still enjoyed the game and being social with my roommates and friends. Always a good time even if you arent a big football follower like myself. Anyways, something that DID manage to catch my attention? The Kick Off Show featuring Jay-Z and Rihanna.

Not my favourite artists of all time, but I do listen to their music and respect their crafts. But here's the deal, this little performance was brilliant. It completely succeeded in what it was trying to do- hype up the game. I am NOT a big football fan. I vaguely understand the rules of play and pretty much just root for whoever my roommate tells me to... or if I'm feeling particularily difficult, I'll root for the opposite. Point is, not someone who really understands the big deal. But this little 2 and a half minute clip somehow managed to get me really excited for the game. Made it feel somewhat... EPIC you know? I mean, watch this baby!

Not only is the song "Run This Town" a more than suitable choice for the Superbowl spirit (especially in terms of lyrics), but there were just so many things done RIGHT with this performance. I love the orchestral accompaniment. It works so beautifully in contrast with Rihanna's soft voice and Jay's perfectly confident flow. The timpani rolls, the exquisite piano playing, the building intensity of the violins, the electric guitars in the back driving the song... its crazy! Combine that with game highlights, fireworks and overall stunning visuals, thats a winning mix right there. No way to go wrong. I have to say, even I was super excited wondering who was going to walk away victorious after that show haha. (ps. Go Saints!)

So congrats Super Bowl for getting this song forever stuck in my head!
What do you think of the song? Share your comments/opinions!
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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