Thursday, February 4, 2010

Butch Walker Streams New Album Online

Hey Everyone!
Just a quick note for all the Butch Walker fans out there. He and his current band, The Black Widows, have just posted the new album for full streaming online! Thats right, you can check out the full album by clicking HERE. Eleven new tracks in all, and the Itunes purchases will be available with a few rare tracks and B-Sides.

There are also a few interesting packages available for purchase... specifically package four. For a mere $25,000USD, you can "spend a weekend in Butch's spare bedroom, collaborating on a song that will appear on his new album and play the song live on stage together during his next tour"... all that and a signed limited edition vinyl + more... not bad haha. If anyone has a spare $25,000 lying around this might be a cool investment (although I really believe this is a huge joke haha) Just a point though, if you click "buy now" it takes you to an email with the subject "inquire about $25k pre-order".

So check out the new album and see what you think!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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