Sunday, February 21, 2010

Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls Jumped

Hey Everyone!
Fans of the pop rock group, Boys Like Girls, are taking over twitter with well wishes for the lead vocalist after he was jumped in Glasgow. After performing at the G2, the singer (Martin Johnson) was apparently jumped and beaten quite badly. He took to his twitter, posting pictures and briefly discussing the events... I mean, there is only so much you can say in 140 characters or less- right? Below are the twitter messages and links to some of the photos... please be advised that the pictures are quite graphic and may be disturbing (aka there is quite a bit of blood!)

Photo cred: Me! Warped Tour 2007

"Wanna see a mother****** jumped? Look at this. **** you." (7:04pm 2/19/10)

"ps I'm fine" (7:38pm 2/19/10)

"cleaning up a bit. trying my best to smile but it hurts. hospitals in scotland aren't my favorite" (8:10pm 2/19/10)

"to those who are obviously slow-- no, my band members did not beat me up. they were actually doing their best to rip people off me" (10:16pm 2/19/10)

"we are just doing our best to make light of and sprinkle a bit of humor on top of a shitty situation" (10:17pm 2/19/10)

Poor Martin, though reports say he is doing much better! Cant say I'm a huge fan of the group... they've got a few catchy tunes but nothing incredible in my mind. But point remains- No one deserves to get jumped and beaten up!
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- Girl At The Rock Show

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