Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Butch Walker's 25K Package "Purchased"

Hey Everyone!
A few days ago, Butch Walker mentioned on his blog that someone had purchased that 25k preorder package... the one where someone gets to spend the weekend at his house writing a song for his next album and perform it on tour with him? Well, he said the details would be released soon and he wasnt kidding... except he was. Check out the HILARIOUS video here featuring the 25K purchaser... he might be familiar to you... let me give you a hint...

"Give me envy, Give me malice, Give me your attention! Give me envy, Give me malice, Baby-Give me a break! When I say 'shotgun', You say 'wedding', Shotgun wedding!"
And if you didnt get it from that, well watch the video below and the petite vocal powerhouse with the signature thick rimmed glasses and skin tight jeans should be pretty easy to identify :P

Gotta love Butch & Brendon... different generations of talent, and still good friends with a very simple, juvenile sense of humor... anyone else feel the American Psycho parody as much as I did?
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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