Sunday, February 7, 2010

Top Ten Tunes For Your Super Bowl Party

Hey Everyone!
Hard to believe its already that time of the year again... time for Football's ultimate game, SUPER BOWL XLIV. Yes folks, in case you have been living under a rock, you are well aware that kick off is this evening. Even I know about it, and I havent got the slightest clue about the game. I only vaguely understand how the rules work, but Super Bowl parties are still a good time for all. Pick a team, root for your colors and make up some rules for a drinking game (they dont even have to be coherent, thats half the fun!)

So to accompany your football party, why not have some music? Maybe you've got some people who are just not that into the game hanging out looking for a good time. Maybe you've got a pre-game party going as I write this, or maybe you wanna have an all out bash and just throw on the captions so you can say you saw that play when you go to class tomorrow. In any case, this music is sure to fire you up and get you pumped for a great game!

10. TNT by ACDC- Its just fun, and who doesnt wanna listen to some ACDC?!

9. Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited - You ALL know this classic sports anthem... the question is, are you ready for this?

8. Dont Stop Believin' by Journey- Because really, when does this song ever NOT belong on a playlist? Not to mention, its the perfect musical interlude when your team is down a few points and you need to seek out new motivation!

7. Livin On A Prayer by Bon Jovi- "We've gotta hold on, Ready or not, We live for the fight when its all that you've got... Oh, we're halfway there, Oh livin on a prayer!" Give this a go at halftime if your team is down, it should restore some hope haha

6. Know Your Enemy by Green Day- As much as I cant say I'm a massive fan of this Green Day track, its a total sports anthem (even though thats unintentional!) I mean, you gotta know your enemy when the Super Bowl comes around right?

5. We Will Rock You by Queen- "We will, we will ROCK YOU!" what better way to edge someone on over that bet you have running for the winner? Sing it when you get a touch down, it will really pump you up!

4. Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor- "Its the eye of the tiger its the thrill of the fight, Rising up to the challenge of our rivals"... enough said I think? haha

3. Song 2 by Blur- Just a fun song with a lot of energy!

2. Rock N Toll Part 2 by Gary Glitter- Yet another classic sports anthem... have this play whenever you want in the background, particularly during the intense moments of the game. So fitting.

1. We Are The Champions by Queen- To wrap up the game of course... always an epic cheer! (assuming your team wins anyways haha) Nothing rubs in a victory better than this classic anthem!

So enjoy your super bowl parties, live it up, have some fun and cheer them on!
Who are you rooting for? My roommate tells me that I'm rooting for the Saints haha
Please dont hold this against me, keep in mind I have NO IDEA who should win :P
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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