Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To My Readers

Hey Everyone!
This is actually painful, and in a physical way. Here's the deal, you may notice my lack of posts... theres a reason. This weekend, one of my 4 week old kittens was playing, he reached up to tug on my nose ring and managed to catch my eye instead. I spent the afternoon in and out of doctors offices making sure there was no permanent damage. Turns out, there is none thank goodness. BUT I have eye drops, tylenol and advil for a week to look forward to, as well as sunglasses indoors and out. So yeah, light is a big aggrevator to my eye right now... hence why this is painful. Fluorescent computer lights are not ideal for my situation, as a result... fewer blogs until it heals. I do fully intend to write one tomorrow in honor of wednesday (St. Pat's) but otherwise... not so much! I am sorry, and I will be back to writing as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding!

Rock On
- Girl At The Rock Show

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