Saturday, March 27, 2010

Protest The Hero Rock Toronto On 2010 Snocore Tour

Hey Everyone!
Last night I got the fantastic opportunity to head to Toronto with my friend (and amazing photographer) Andrew Colvin to see the 2010 Snocore Tour featuring headliners, Protest The Hero. I havent seen these guys play since they opened for Mobile at a free concert for my University orientation week but I was definitely reminded why this band was always a favorite friday night show for me when I was in High School.

The first band to kick off the show last night went by the name, Doll. Hailing from Ottawa, the quartet was met with mixed reviews from the crowd. The female fronted grunge band left many people in the audience confused and unimpressed with their strange cover songs and messy playing. The band was all over the place, struggling to maintain a steady unison. They did manage to perform with fantastic energy, and some clear heart... but sometimes that doesn't quite cut it. The band may have some potential, but there they certainly a long road of work ahead.

The next band to take the stage was Elias. This pretty boy four piece played an amazing set filled with soft lead vocals and absolutely flawless harmonies. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. It was almost unfortunate that the crowd was hesitant to accept them- but completely understandable considering the way they stood out against the more aggressive bands on the tour with their indie rock piano melodies. They played in perfect sync, not a note out of key. If you love piano based indie, I highly recommend checking these guys out. I see big things for them.

The final opening act of the night were Victoria BC natives, Theset. I've seen these guys play before at Call The Office and they were just as good as I remembered. The band was just what the crowd needed, a loud wake up call. Their set was very high energy both in terms of music and performance. Strong, solid sound mixed perfectly with confident stage movements. It was exactly what you want to see at a show- passion. Another band I would recommend keeping an eye on in the future!

Finally, the last band of the night, headliners Protest The Hero, took to the stage. The Whitby, Ontario, boys ripped through a set of old and new tracks that had the crowd screaming along with impromptu sing-alongs. Their comedic stage antics proved to be highly entertaining... at one point they even managed to inspire a chant for a former classmate who happened to be hiding amidst the crowd. Between beers and guitar solos, I was slowly reminded why I always used to make the trek to the embassy on the occasional Friday night to check them out. Loved them, great job boys!

All in all, the Jagermeister supported tour managed to wow the crowd. It was a great night.

Ontario's own Protest The Hero captivated a packed house Friday night at the Sound Academy in Toronto as the headliners of the 2010 Snocore Tour. The heavy rock quintet tore through a set of technically aggressive tracks and comedic stage antics, drawing the crowd into a frenzy. Opening acts included Doll, Elias, and Vancouver natives Theset.

Anyone else manage to catch this show? What did you think?
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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