Sunday, March 21, 2010

Patrick Stump Performs Solo Act For First Time Live At SXSW

Hey Everyone!
As I mentioned a while back, after FOB went on Hiatus, lead vocalist Patrick Stump decided to give a solo project a try. The talented, young multi-instrumentalist took to the stage for the first time at Austin's annual SXSW music festival in a small capacity club of 21+ fans. Still clearly getting used to the idea of solo performance, I have to say I think he did a good job.

The rough tracks sound pretty catchy, definitely a lot of potential there. A few fans noted the fact that he's starting to prove he can write lyrics ... maybe he doesn't need Wentz after all? Personally, I have always admired his musicianship. From his production/studio work to his vocals and guitar style on FOB albums past and present, he has proven himself as a very well musically educated young man... keep in mind, he's still only in his 20s and already quite accomplished in the pop-punk world.

Check out the videos of his performance below.

More videos of the set can be found here at Absolute Punk.

What do you think of the new solo Patrick? Awkward, perhaps. But I see big things!
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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