Thursday, March 4, 2010

Patrick Stump To Perform At SXSW

Hey Everyone!
So as most of you know, Fall Out Boy have taken a break... an "indefinite hiatus", whatever that means. Even they dont seem to be too sure haha. Anyways, the guys are taking this chance to try their hand at new styles- including Patrick Stump's new solo career which looks brilliant. He has now revealed that he plans to take his one man band live at this year's upcoming SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas.

Now, some younger fans may be a little discouraged as this event is listed as a 21+ only, but for those of you planning to attend who are legal, I highly recommend going to check this out before it takes off. The show will take place at the Dirty Dog Bar, Friday March 19th at 11pm. This will be the debut of the solo career, so who knows, maybe a few years from now you can talk about how you saw Patrick when he was fresh out of Fall Out Boy! I was lucky enough to see FOB play for a crowd of less than 40 on the Warped Tour a couple years before the smash hit "Sugar, We're Going Down". Its pretty much public knowledge that Patrick was originally reluctant to be the band's frontman. He's not a flashy guy, so I'd like to see how he handles a setting where theres no Wentz to distract the crowd... all eyes are going to be on him. Definitely a little bit of a different setting... 21+ bar, music he composed entirely alone... he's gonna do great!

If this video is any indication of his talent, I cant understand why you WOULDNT go see this!
ps. have to say I love the way Wentz is just sitting there while Patrick plays :P
Thats right, you twiddle your thumbs
Rock On,
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