Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Avril In Wonderland... And Its Pretty Bad

Hey Everyone!
So I was aimlessly clicking away on youtube last night as I sometimes like to do, and I stumbled upon this gem here. This is Canadian "singer" Avril Lavigne's addition to the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack, "Almost Alice"... and yeah, I have to say I am not impressed. Musically, the darker tones seem somewhat fitting of the film, but the lyrics... my god, really? I think they broke into the journal of a fourteen year old girl and transcribed it to music. Every stanza rhymes perfectly with the next one- and not in a good way haha. I just find theres a huge lack of creativity which I suppose isnt new for her. To her fans, I'm sorry but this is how I feel about it and nothing more.

The video shows Avril falling down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Shes in some weird mall goth black wedding dress, and I'm pretty sure her eye color is being enhanced by something technological or by contacts. She runs around the woods and finds the Mad Hatter, and rudely departs from the party with some yelling about taking a stand (anyone know for what exactly?). Then we have some clips from the movie, and Avril eventually finding her way out of Wonderland as the song comes to an end.

Now, I have to wonder why she is even featured on this soundtrack. What has she done lately? Nothing... well, she got a divorce. Thats about it. I was a fan when I was a kid, I'll admit it. When Complicated first came out, I thought- man, thats cool. A chick rocking a guitar, wearing guys clothes... awesome. And then I came to realize that the guitar is more of a prop than an instrument, that she doesnt write much of her own music, and the clothing is more of a label decision in an attempt to sell more records. Now she's got long curls and wears heels and dresses. I'm not buying into it- sorry. Anyways, this is once again just MY opinion. I dont expect everyone to share it, and I wont criticize people who disagree with me.

Check out the video for yourself below

"Tripping out, spinning around, I'm underground, I fell down yeah, I fell down...I found myself in wonderland, Get back on my feet again, Is this real? Is this pretend? I'll take a stand until the end"

What do you think? Does it do Alice In Wonderland justice or not quite?
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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