Sunday, March 28, 2010

Refused Reunion In The Works?

Hey Everyone!
"CAN I SCREAM?!" Oh yes, yes you can! Because it seems that punk rockers Refused may be back after a rather extensive (over a decade) long hiatus. Apparently, these things do sometimes come to an end. The announcement came via the bands website, which was relaunched and sporting a brand new "coming soon" logo. Exciting news for fans around the world, thats for sure.
The Swedish hardcore punk group formed back in 1991 and maintained some steady popularity until their breakup in 1998. Over the course of their career, they only released 3 studio albums (This Just Might Be The Truth-1994, Songs to Fan the Flames Of Discontent-1996, and The Shape Of Punk To Come-1998) and 5 Live EPs, but the definitely held a very steady fanbase throughout their early years.

I know this track is one of their bigger, more well known tracks but I have ALWAYS loved it. Since the first day I saw it on the Punk Show. So here it is, New Noise by Refused. Enjoy!

Are you stoked for the Refused reunion? I know I am... BRING BACK HARDCORE PUNK!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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