Thursday, March 25, 2010

Metro Station Call It Quits

Hey Everyone!
So it seems that the inevitable MAY have finally happened. Yes, my friends, pop punk wonder boys Metro Station, who took the world by storm with their Hannah Montana ties, MAY HAVE BROKEN UP. Yes, the rumors are flying that the trio have called it quits once and for all, leaving the realm of egotistical, over tattooed emo rock open for the next up and comers.

Now, truth be told I did used to like this band. I saw them back before they hit it big with Shake It and they had SO much potential. Young, enthusiastic, somewhat talented... and then they blew it by leeching of the Miley Cyrus fame connection, and turning away from talent in order to jump on the pop punk band wagon. Sorry boys- you lost it. You lost all the passion and soul in your music. Its sad, but it happens. Since Blake & Andrew left, I've basically been WAITING to hear this, and I'm curious to see some confirmation beyond a University Press haha. However, point remains... I believe it.

So what do you think of the breakup? Seems like a lot of us saw it coming
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. I saw these guys too before they hit it big! I met them and they weren't complete jerks but when they got famous, it seems like their respect for their fans lowered. I totally agree with this post and saw the break up coming. But good luck to those guys if they still want to pursue a career in music.

  2. Yes, I couldnt agree more. I met Trace and Mason at a show wayyy back (and by that I mean right before they dropped Shake It) and they were super nice. They were very appreciative of their fans and stuck around to talk and meet everyone. As soon as they got big, they went in the opposite direction. Every time I saw them in the past couple years (they were touring with bands I would go see) the sets were short, filled with bad covers and stripping. I dont want to see Cyrus without a shirt, the tattoos are too much. I feel like in a few years, he might think "damn, that was stupid". Its just unfortunate because after that original set I saw, I thought they had a lot of potential. Too bad. Breakup was probably a good thing... it will be interesting to see what they do now. Thanks for the comment!