Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why Cant We Be Friends? Music Critics On The Street

So this weekend, I participated in the London Zombie Walk. It was a lot of fun, definitely an interesting experience and I highly recommend it. I have to say it was refreshing to dress "down" for once. Instead of spending time doing my hair and choosing clothing, etc... I just had to look like the living dead. An easy thing for a stressed out, over tired student suffering from extreme insomnia! Anyways, I digress, lets get back to the main point.

On our walk there, my friend and I ran into this guy who was also looking for the walk. We started talking and eventually came to the topic of music. I love to talk music, but I also find I will usually only do it with people I know well. Here's the reason: people get too defensive and critical.

Take for example, this guy we met. He was cool and all, but as soon as it came to music, I decided the conversation was over. He asked if we were into punk, which we both are. But as soon as it came up that we also listen to Blink-182, he went off about how its "not real punk" and "we should get into the real stuff". The way I see it, music is subjective. We all like what we like, there's no right or wrong. Yes, I love listening to Black Flag and Fugazi, but I ALSO like Green Day and Blink-182. Heck, I even enjoy the occasional Britney Spears song. I dont see a problem with that... I feel like its unfair to criticize someone for a personal choice.

So next time you're talking about music, dont judge. You may have a difference of opinion, and thats cool, share it! BUT share it in a way that doesnt make you seem like a jerk. Its great to have an opinion, but be open minded. I'm not saying agree with everything, but I'm saying use constructive criticism instead of "you're wrong, I'm right, the end". Music is an area where you can never know everything, theres always something new, so dont assume that because you read Rolling Stone every month you are suddenly a music hierarchy. All I'm saying is respect people's music choices because music is often something that is near and dear to us all. Attacking it, is like attacking them. Think about it next time.

Anyone else have run ins like this? If so, tell me about them!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: Little Know It All by Sum 41 and Iggy Pop


  1. Great observation haha. I hate when people ask if they can replace your ipod with their ipod so they can play a song they want to hear, when really they don't like your music and they can't be nice and try to enjoy it. If I don't like a particular person I find it easy to annoy them by playing music they don't like. People don't have much patience for music they dislike, but you can't be afraid to back up your own interests.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I hate that too haha. The way I see it, its cool to share your music, but I hate when people force it on you, you know? Its good to keep an open mind and give something new to you a good listen before forming an opinion. Its totally unfair to insult what someone else enjoys. I occasionally joke with friends about "poor choices in music" but at the same time, its just that- a joke. I would never attack someone for what they like. But you're right its definitely fun to press people's buttons haha.

    Never be ashamed of what you like, be proud of it and don't let people tell you you're wrong. There isn't really a right or wrong in music! Thanks for the feedback!