Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rockband Heroes

Happy Halloween!
I love this holiday. As I mentioned before, it definitely has to be my favorite. Get to dress up in crazy costumes, dance in the streets and eat all the candy you want... how can you go wrong with that? Sounds kind of perfect to me. Also could not come at a better time... right after midterms. Anyways, Halloween is a good time so everyone get in the spirit. Dress up and have some fun! Hit the bars or a house party, just celebrate this awesome holiday while you can :)

Moving on to the actual post I have for today... Rockband Heroes. I moved into a house with two good friends of mine this year, and decided to bring my PS2 (outdated, I know) and rockband/guitar hero games along. After a week, it became a tradition for us. For the past two months, we've come home from long nights downtown to play some rockband, to be cheered on by those video game crowds and get the ego boosting satisfaction that comes from the simple phrase "You Rock!". I mean, who doesn't love the feeling that comes with knowing you beat an old high score? 

But here's the issue... do you really rock? Its not like you're playing real instruments here.... Rockband skills do not transcend into real life sadly. I love it, I get a rush. But its nothing like the rush I used to get playing my actual electric guitar on maximum volume while head-banging. Definitely way more satisfying. However, the game is scary addicting. If you've ever played, you'll understand. There is something about it that makes it feel real, and empowering. For example, I'm the queen of rockband vocals in my house and I'll admit it to anyone who listens haha. It makes me think of the South Park episode (I'm a huge SP fan) where Stan and Kyle play guitar hero and get signed as musicians. Great episode, check it out here if you haven't seen it yet! Anyways, there is a scene where another kid starts to play a controller without the game or any music in the middle of a restaurant. All of a sudden, people start saying "oh man! I love this song!". My roommates and I have had similar talks. Rachel says that when she hears songs now, she thinks of how it will look and sound on rockband. She wonders which keys she would have to play, which lines would be emphasized, the whole deal. Its kind of funny, and I know she cant be the only one who thinks this way either which makes it even funnier! All I know is this game is slowly consuming my life... that and I'm counting down to the release of Band Hero this week... such a good thing my midterms are more or less done haha.

So what are your thoughts on rockband? Is it a skill? Is it just for fun? Do you play? Do you think like my roommate? Hahaha I'd love to know, so please leave a comment and share.

Happy Haunting Boys and Ghouls!
Be safe out there tonight, whatever your plans may be :)
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: This Is Halloween by Marilyn Manson... from my favorite movie of all time, Nightmare Before Christmas. Very fitting for today I think. Enjoy!

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