Sunday, October 18, 2009

Multi-Instrumentalists: Modern Day One Man Bands

Hello Again!
Yet another sunday drawing to an end. Hope you all had a good weekend because its back to school (aka assignments, essays and exams) tomorrow so make it count! Anyways, today I'd like to give you a look at some 'one man bands'. By 'one man band', I do NOT mean that guy who stands on the street corner and plays a drum, harmonica sings, and whatever else at the same time. No, I'm talking an actual recognized artist who essentially records each part (or a large majority) of a track themselves.
I think its amazing that people like this actually exist... most people can only dedicate serious time to one or two instruments, but to do all the work of 4-5 people yourself must be exhausting. I mean, I guess the bonus is having complete control over the creative process. Instead of having a band to compromise with, you can do whatever you want. Change tuning, change chords, change rhythms... the sky is the limit. But it also means you cant do recording simultaneously, a lot of these multi-instrumentalists take twice as long to release albums because one person can only do so much work at a time. I give these artists a lot of credit.

A few to check out:

Have any other favorites? Let me know!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: Right Here In My Arms by HIM... what can I say, I've been watching Viva La Bam most of the day. Seeing as Ville makes an appearance in 8/10 episodes, I tend to be left with the need to grab one of their CDs haha. I think HIM is absolutely brilliant! Enjoy!


  1. My favourite one man band is Secondhand Serenade!