Friday, October 23, 2009

Techno Rock... Here to stay?

Hey everyone!
So unless you've been living under a rock lately, I'm sure you are all well aware of the recent explosion of techno pop rock. Bands like Cobra Starship, Metro Station, Hellogoodbye, Stereos and Shiny Toy Guns have all been pushed into the recent spotlight to take over video charts and radio waves everywhere with their blends of catchy pop tunes, rock instruments, Mac computers, keytars (which I love) and synthesizers. 

We all know rock reinvents itself as the years go. Like any other genre, it goes through phases to keep it relevant... take for example: grunge, punk or glam. All rock n roll, just with a twist. I actually kind of like this trend, it allows for rock to transcend into pop culture and subsequently, dance clubs and such. Its fun, upbeat, and a welcome change from the more depressing scene that followed it. However, I find that if you talk to those hardcore classic rock fans, they find this new wave to be the worst possible thing to happen.

A lot of discussion that I've heard comes down to the question of authenticity. Can technology have a place in rock and roll while keeping within the ideals of authenticity? Rock music is often portrayed as this pure, rebellious, untouched genre. But honestly, lets face it. Everything has been touched by the corporation so we need to just forget that definition now. Not to say that because bands like Bad Religion and Anti-Flag are on major labels that their music is not important and authentic, because in my opinion it definitely is. I'm just saying that there is likely some corporate aspect to most rock music, obvious or not, and we cant discriminate bands based on that. I mean, if you could do what you love and be broke, or do what you love and get paid, most of you would pick to get paid, right? 

So barring that fact, what determines authenticity? If music constantly changes, how can we decide what is genuine and what is fake? Granted, I can see where people with this opinion are coming from. Take bands like Brokencyde or Blood on the Dancefloor for example (I warn you now, your ears might just bleed if you click those links!). Bands like this would not be successful if it weren't for this new genre... and thats a GOOD THING. Because, seriously... they just are not very talented (sorry if that actually manages to offend anyone but thats my opinion)! This new genre makes it possible for people with minimal musical talent to replace all technical aspects with machines and become a mainstream success. It has the ability to pave a short and easy path to success. But still, I cant help but think of all the fantastically catchy songs I've grown to love that got their start here...

So what do you think? Does technology have a place in rock music? Can autotune and protools mixing become instruments in their own right? Maybe it just takes the right person, someone who really understands the technology, to make it work? Let me know!

Have an awesome weekend, and make sure to check back soon for more updates!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show 

Song of the Day: Dont Stop by Inner Party System... great techno inspired band. If you're interested in this genre, definitely check them out!

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