Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let It Rock

Good Evening One And All!
So as it was homecoming AND my roommate's birthday this weekend, we decided to hit the town for a night out. As a music fan, I'm usually pretty happy with anything that comes on over the speakers while I'm on the dance floor. A little Britney, some Rihanna and a dash of David Guetta, I'm sold. However, I always enjoy it even more when I hear those few rock songs play. They never fail to get me singing and dancing with the best of them. Ever notice they're always played one after another? Without fail, every bar I've been to plays a block of specific rock songs, probably to get everyone singing along. It usually goes something like this: Livin' On A Prayer, Dont Stop Believin', Thunderstruck, Summer of 69 and Pour Some Sugar On Me. Now, don't get me wrong, I love these songs, but come on... there are others that could easily fit in at clubs. All I'm saying is these DJs could test the waters and try some "new" material before these classic songs get more overplayed than the current top 40 playlist haha :)

Hope you all enjoyed Homecoming, sorry for the lack of post yesterday!
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: Bounce by The Cab
This is a band I could see getting some airplay at the bars... definitely catchy, danceable and all around good fit. Imagine a techno remix of this... pretty sweet in my opinion!


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  2. They play those songs for the boys who don't know what to do otherwise so they can pump their fists in the air and sing loudly while spilling beer and elbowing friends.

    Edited because I misspelled something.

  3. Hahaha yes, its true! Personally, I'm a little tired of having beer spilled on me in honor of these songs.