Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Michael Jackson Track Hits Airwaves!

Hello readers!

      I know the whole MJ topic is highly overplayed right now, but before the media hype takes hold once more when the film is released next week, I'm using this break to write a VERY short blog on the late king of pop. 

Like Elvis and Kurt Cobain before him, Michael Jackson has left behind an important legacy... as well as unreleased music. One track, entitled "This Is It" was released to radio this past week and is already making waves. Fans worldwide were comforted in his death by the fact that his music lives on and will continue to top charts today. As many of you agreed in the poll, the film is paying perfect tribute to the icon. The new track provides a sense of peace for dedicated followers who are still struggling with the loss of their idol. So no matter what the media may say, or what tabloids may appear in months to come, I say we let the music speak for itself. Let MJ be remembered for his contributions to the industry, and the way he made the fans scream for 45 years, and many more to come. I may not be a big fan myself, but I can appreciate the mark this man made on society through the art of music. So rest in peace Michael, and may your legacy live on.

What do you think of this new track? Let me know, share your opinions!
Thanks and Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show 

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