Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MIT 2412: Outfoxed Video Response

*NOTE: Although this is an important topic, this is not a typical blog post, but an assignment for my blogging class. 
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Is Fox Really Fooling Us?

Every day, people around the world turn on their television sets and sit back to watch the days events unfold on the nightly news. Embedded in our culture is the assumption of journalistic integrity and honesty, but how can we be sure that the truth from any single perspective is the real truth? The documentary "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism" asks just this, and works to unravel the thin layers between fact and fiction in the world of Fox News reporting. 

                The documentary uses former employees and guests to display the stories Fox never meant for you to hear. It pulls apart the heavy manipulation involved in creating sensationalized stories that aim to attract and control viewers. After watching this film, I found myself feeling almost betrayed. Although I am often careful not to trust media of various forms, I was shocked by the overall misguidance and bias that was brought to light.

                The fear sets in when we begin to realize the overall effect on our culture. It scares me to think that any one opinion can influence and control that of millions with the simple click of a button. It also scares me to think that Fox is well aware of their impact, and doing nothing to change it. In fact, they use it to serve their own needs. Understanding that in promoting one idea for a long period of time will provide you with the ability to create an agreeing hegemonic culture who hangs on their every word.

                Journalism is supposed to be an art. It’s the process of finding and delivering the truth, enlightening and educating those around you. Years ago, this art was based heavily in research and local importance. However, as Outfoxed shows us, modern day media like Fox is more focused on ratings, viewers and entertainment. A main focus is the way stories and facts are twisted to meet the needs of Fox. The way they contort facts and quotes to fit their own needs and create their own versions of stories is disturbing at best.

                The message here is to be an active watcher of the news. Do not passively digest the media as solid fact,because even honesty can be misleading. 

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