Sunday, October 11, 2009

"What Song Describes You?"

Hello one and all!
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you've all had your fill of family and food, I know I have. I'd like to also apologize for my lack of posts this week, but between holidays, school and work its been crazy. I promise to make more effort to make up for it though. Now for some music related discussion!

Like most of the university world, I’m a facebook addict. In all honesty, it probably takes up more of my daily life than I care to admit. Now, in the past few months, apps have been on the rise. Every time I log in to my homepage, I’m greeted with quiz results of all kinds. “What kind of tattoo should you get?” or “What animal best represents you?” to name a couple. I don’t know how many of you have ever actually bothered to take these quizzes, but the questions and answers themselves… the entire process really, is just ridiculous. The ones I find of particular interest are titled something along the lines of “what song best describes you?” I mean, how can you tell what kind of music I like based on my favorite color or my age? Maybe not even what I like, but what DESCRIBES me. I find it difficult to imagine that there is one single song out there that defines me as a person. As I mentioned, the way I see music is like a never ending soundtrack. Its a radio station that changes songs constantly... there are rarely any repeats. So I think that picking one song would have to mean it covers all aspects of my life... how is that even possible?

I took one of these quizzes for the sake of this blog. My results: Gavin Degraw's I Dont Wanna Be. To be honest, not a bad choice. But still, it doesnt scream me. I've never had someone hear this and say, "Jess this is you". Music is complex, but people are even more so. Songs can certainly reflect us on a certain day, or become the playlist to specific events. In all honesty, I'd almost say classical music is more likely to represent me because the music is able to transform many times, almost represent as a new piece within the whole. But personally, I dont think I can be defined by a single song. There are too many sides of myself to be portrayed in a three minute track. Thats my opinion anyways.

The quiz itself is clearly made by a 13 year old, but give it a go. What song does it say you are? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Is there a song you've always felt represented you? Tell me about your experience with these interesting little facebook apps or that random song you have a strong connection to. The bonus? It will kill three minutes of time when you're super bored!

Thanks for reading, happy turkey day to all the Canadians!

Rock On!

- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: She by Green Day ...This song represented a piece of my life, in fact this band represents a good chunk of it too, so I thought it would be fitting haha. *note: Green Day is one of my all time favorites so they'll be appearing A LOT in my blogs :P

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