Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weezer ft. Sara Bareilles Live On Jimmy Kimmel

Hey Everyone!
So the other night, Weezer took their new album to the Jimmy Kimmel show... and it was kind of great. I think so anyways. Weezer have enlisted singer Sara Bareilles to not only be part of the single's video, but to perform along side Rivers. Dressed in 50s style clothing with a strong voice to boot, Sara was just as memorable as the band itself. I've never paid much attention to her... granted she has an amazing voice and has been fairly successful in her career, but the way these two are on stage is just dynamic. The harmonies are flawless and the smiles exchanged give it the feel that these are just friends rocking out for fun... not in front of a massive crowd on a popular late night show. I dont know what it is, but I just really enjoyed this song's specific performance. Rivers is way more energetic than some of his more recent performances. I mean, he even jump kicks towards the end... RIVERS JUMP KICKS. This isnt really an everyday move for the awkward, nerdy vocalist. I think it just goes to show that HE loved the performance too... I also love the way he messes up at 1:53 and recovers with a quick laugh haha. Anyways, he's dancing, he's singing and he's jumping... thats a happy vocalist! Watch the performance below, what do you think?

Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. I saw this, and I thought it was an alright performance, but its still just not the Weezer I remember. I'd rather see them play The Blue Album from start to finish! No more of this Kenny G/Lil Wayne stuff...

  2. This is true, I'd also love to see that! But as sad as it is, I think they've evolved beyond that. I don't know how I feel about their new material, but at least Butch Walker had a part in writing this track! There is a silver lining to every sad story!

  3. I already liked the radio version of this song, but now that I've heard it with Sara B, I'm wishing the radio version had her in it too =] Oh well..


  4. Thank for the comment Morgan! I know, The radio version is great, and so is the live version with just the band but I mean, this is just beyond all that. I love her voice and her look. Such a great fit for the song!

  5. I saw this on Jimmy Kimmel live and fell in love with it.Sara is so pretty in her little dress and cute converse allstars that i grew up wearing.

  6. if you think rivers being energetic is uncommon, you really don't know weezer