Monday, November 23, 2009

Hedley's "Cha Ching"- A Little Too Close To Reality?

Hey Everyone!
Anyone else find this some what entertaining? Because I certainly do. I was listening to the radio when Hedley's "Cha Ching" came on. The DJ talked about the music video, I'm not a Hedley fan but it sounded like a laugh so I thought I'd check into it. Upon a little more research, I came across the lyrics and the video for the song and I have to say, I was right. Definitely a laugh and a half. 

The song is about reality TV and how people will sell themselves for stardom. Now, thats a pretty common theme in music today, the way society and celebrity interact on a purely superficial level instead of one dependent on talent... but this specific song takes on even more irony than the anti corporate punk band on the major label record contract. Anyone familiar with the band's singer Jacob Hoggart may feel like they recognize him from somewhere. Well if you watch Canadian Idol, that could be the connection you've been looking for!

Jacob was a contendor for the title of Canadian Idol a few years back. He actually came in 3rd place for the season. Now granted, his original audition was nothing more than a bet ($151 that he wouldn't do it) but still the fact remains, he WAS a contestant. After his run on the show, the band reformed and signed a contract. Below is a video of Jacob on C.I. in which he performs Bowie's Space Oddity... he also pays tribute to this performance in the "Cha Ching" video.
Now here is the video in question for Cha Ching... warning, it is highly likely that you will be stuck singing this against your will for the next couple days. Youtube embedding disabled so click HERE to watch/listen. 

So what do you think? Funny or just kind of trying to mock something they have experienced? Personally I cant give Jacob much credit for saying reality TV is a joke and people sell themselves... after all, he sold himself for a bet, a few spotlights and $151! 

Rock On! 
-Girl At The Rock Show


  1. I think the irony is completely intentional, but honestly, with the whole cookie cutter pop punk I agree... I cant take them seriously either!

  2. Haha yeah I agree completely, thanks for the comment!