Thursday, November 12, 2009

Travis Barker Solo Album To Feature New Blink-182 Material

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So as some of you may already know, Blink-182/Transplant Drummer Travis Barker is currently working on a solo project. The album itself will have more of a hip hop flare to it, a bit of a stray from the pop punk sound of his group. However, Travis tells Alternative Press Magazine in a recent interview that he plans to keep it "well rounded", combining bits and pieces of everything. I'm going to recommend this album nice and early... its slated for a february release, but I already see big things. If any of you have ever had the overall honor of watching this man take control of a drum set on stage, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I've seen him play a few shows with Blink and also with the Transplants. I never had the opportunity to see him play with the late DJ AM, but no doubt that was also a flawless live performance. I mean, have you heard their Coachella mixtapes? If not, DEFINITELY do that. Anyways, the point is that no matter what style he plays, he plays with intensity, passion and drive like no one I've ever seen. He's fearless behind that drum kit. Travis Barker is arguably one of the best drummers of our generation, even though a lot of the Blink material does not fully  showcase that. Personally, I think this album is going to be a must have for musicians and fans alike. 

Photo Credit: Me (not great but then again, not bad for a point and shoot I snuck in lol Aug.8/09)

As for Blink, the song has yet to be written, but Travis is quick to assure us it has a home on his record. He tells Alternative Press "it's going to be a surprise. The new song that we record for my record is just going to be something from scratch, and just us doing our thing". One new track has already been released, "Up All Night" is the title. Good luck finding it, but if you do manage, please share the link haha. 

Travis also says that the new Blink album is still in pre-production, and wont be worked on until 2010. Who can blame them? As the must-see reunion tour of the summer only recently came to an end, these boys still have a lot of things to work out. At first, I have to say I was skeptic of the new release... but I have to admit I find myself getting more curious as time goes on. There are so many possible directions it could take, and I'm curious to see where it will fall. The only way to find out will be a release, so I guess I'll have to wait until then like the rest of you!

Link to interview: Here

So how do you feel about Travis' solo efforts? What are you expecting? How about new Blink material, yay or nay?
I'd love to know what you think so leave me a comment and let me know!
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Song of the Day: Fix Your Face by Travis Barker & DJ AM... incredible work these two did together, and so sad that DJ AM passed so young. RIP.

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